Our Mission and Goals

Texas Capitol

Open The Taps was created for the sole purpose of bettering the craft beer environment in the state of Texas for craft beer drinkers.  We believe that if the consumers speak with one voice, our legislators will hear it loud and clear. 

Our goal is to use the legislative process to make significant change in the laws and regulations that govern all aspects of the craft beer industry in Texas. In February of this year we asked our 100 For 100 Members what were the most important issues for craft beer consumers. The results of the survey are below. Using the survey results and the boards members thoughts on what could be accomplished during the 2013 Legislative session we have set forth the following legislative goals:

1) Getting a comprehensive bill passed that will allow all breweries in the state to sell a portion of their beers direct to the public.

2) Getting a comprehensive bill passed that will allow all brew pubs in the state to distribute their beers to wholesalers, liquor stores, etc.

3) Getting a bill passed that will change the way out of state (and out of country) breweries are licensed.  Updating these permits will make it easier for smaller breweries (if they so chose) to enter into our state.

4) Getting a bill passed that eliminates the 24 oz 'Happy Hour' law at beer festivals.  This will make it easier to have more successful beer festivals in the state which will help drive beer tourism and helps the economy.

5) Getting a bill passed that will allow a consumer to import a greater quantity of beer for personal consumption.  This is not allowing someone to bring in kegs and kegs of beer, but instead allowing a consumer to visit great breweries out of state and bring in more than a case back without facing penalties.

6) Getting a bill passed that will allow bars that carry liquor licenses to sell growlers of beer.  Currently growler sales are limited to places that have a beer and wine license only. 

Open The Taps believes that accomplishing the above 6 goals will put Texas on par with other states that support craft beer and will make Texas a thriving market for it as well.  As we get closer to the 2013 session watch out for blog posts that will discuss our strategies on accomplishing our goals.  Open The Taps will need the help of all its members and voters across the state of Texas to achieve these goals. 

Remember, Vote for Beer.

Member Survey Results